Our Mission

Municipal Elections in Ontario will be held in October 2018. This website is dedicated to helping any and all interested in serving politically.  Unlike other levels of government the challenge at the municipal level is challenging.  Without party affiliation there is very little that helps an individual prepare for the massively challenging task of mounting a formidable campaign.

We aim to help those interested in organizing effectively.  In the coming weeks and months we will discuss topics such as budgets, election rules, research, messaging, debate prep, voter targeting, social media, website design, database management, lawn signs and much more.

Keep coming back from more updated content each week as we explore many facets of a municipal campaign.

About Municipal 101

We are a group of political professionals that have come together to share our experiences and advice on to start planning for a run for political office.  What to think about, pitfalls to avoid and our general thoughts on various campaign related subjects.